Monday, June 30, 2008

nathan deragon mini dwarf 54

This is a must see Video. Nathan Deragon is the driver of Mini Dwarf 54. This kid is growing so fast in the racing world that it is guaranteed you will be able to say I saw him start out racing on dirt.
And now he is also racing mini sprints. That is two classes of cars he racing. You can find him at Barona Speedway that is his home track. But he is also traveling to other race tracks to improve his racing skills. If you want an interview of a life time this is the kid to meet. Don’t take my word for it come and see him in action. And you will be able to see him move thru the racing world at top speed.

Nathan Deragon is the driver of Mini Dwarf 54.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trophy Sponsors 2008

Trophy Sponsors 2008
If you are a Sponsor of Race Division Trophy, please let the Dirt Dude
know you are there. You will be able to come down and get your photo
with the winner and the trophy.

Scorekeepers’/Announcer Tower Sponsors - Deragon Family

Street Stock
Pacific Tire & Brake 619-461-3300
7633 El Cajon Blvd La Mesa CA 91941

Factory Stocks
True Line Wheel Alignment 619-258-1800
210 W Bradley Ave El Cajon, CA 92020

Pony Stocks
Dart Trucking Co Inc. 800-327-8866
14039 Santa Ana Ave Fontana CA 92337
Dart Equip Corp 323-264-8746
1430 South Eastman Ave Los Angeles CA 90023

600 Sprints
About Service Automotive and Marine 760 738-8718
854 Metcalf St Escondido, CA 92025
Austin Barnes Racing

IMCA Modifieds
Diecast Collectibles
2264 Peach Tree Lane Spring Valley CA 91977

Sportsman Dwarf 1-800-Radiator

Mini Dwarfs Stock
Western Towing 619-297-8697
4370 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92110

Mini Dwarf Modified
Captain Fitch’s Mercantile 619 298 3944
2627 San Diego Avenue San Diego, CA 92110
Old Town Gift Emporium 619 291 5464
2454 Heritage Park Row San Diego, CA 92110

Pro Dwarf
Scorpion Sand Products 619-441-0564
1467 N. Magnolia Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020

360/410 Sprints (Need Sponsor)

Winners Photo Trophy/Dirt Dude the voice of Barona Speedway
Sisters Gift Shop
760 735 9013
1028 West El Norte Parkway Escondido CA 92026
The Hello Company Lynda Chamblin
Organizational Investigations
574 East Mission Road, #F San Marcos CA 92069
RAD/Racers Against Drugs 619-249-7763
San Marcos Trophy 760 744 0171
574 East Mission Road, #J San Marcos CA 92069

We need trophy sponsors for each division for the weekly trophies.
The regular divisions are $25 per week per trophy, the Minidwarfs
are $15 for the winner, and $4 for each participant trophy.
Please contact me ASAP!!!619-249-7763. Get your business name mentioned
throughout the race and during the night in the pits.


Barona Speedway Race Results June 21, 2008

We would like to say thank you to all the fans, drivers/pit crews and
volunteers for coming out today in the 113 degree weather. We do
appreciate you supporting Barona Speedway.

Barona Speedway Race Results June 21, 2008

Factory Stock
80 chris wilder
37 roger harper
28 dave evangelou
44 ken dotts
3 gene neubaum
18 jonny franco
40 mike rumbaugh
14 david kilpela
Dnf 07 tom mcginn
Dnf 8 rich woods
Dnf 7 kyle turner
Dnf 95 steve worstell
Dnf 11 robby white
Dnf 0 jeff glover
Dnf 78 Royce henry
Dnf 71 kendall reagan
Dnf 47 david wetzel

Street Stock
04 joseph altig
39 curtis reiter
05 robert hughes
2 pat bradley
51 tom kelly
94 calvin caha
29 dale erwin
11 dave white
Dnf 24 joey teague
Dnf 17 gordon waugh
Dnf 78 royce henry
Dnf 5 nathan rock
Dnf 72 steve roche
Dnf 53 steve dickerson
Dnf 0 max dalton

IMCA Modifieds
15 steven McCullough III
44 larry corning
01 robert pierce
6 eddie morris
0 paul damberger
48 mark barlow
23 tom eaton jr.
24 stephen eaton
88 keith smith
36 ken schleicher
V8 larry wyatt
25 aaron botts
62 chris yanez
Dns 2 kenny groves
(please note i don't have current dnfs for this race)

Mini Dwarf Cars Stock
10aa audie andrade
18 mitchell niemi
59 danne perry III
20 sarah carr
53 bryce roe
10x colton hastings
65 jerrett schlumpberger
7 michael tobiason
88 cassandra carr
23 ethan barrett
11 dawson cram
Dnf 9 cayden hastings
Dns 17 steven dickerson jr.

Sportsman Dwarf Cars
12 dartman fritz
77 cole dick
99 darren brent
11 gary richardson
21 erick hughes
2 corey driscoll
Dnf 81 mikdey hall
Dnf 0 scott dunham
Dnf 7 phil confer
Pro driver 0 points 72 kyle morris
Dns 68 tom williams

600 Sprints
4 john sparlund
6 gary winter
18 tommy gerow
1 thomas gagnon
5 tedd barnes
51 austin barnes
3 dawn sparlund
27 ben gagnon

Pony Stock
8 paul dyke
93 robert minick
33 pj dyke
11 dennis taylor II
Dnf 88 andrew hartwig
DQ 86 chris vaughn

Mini Dwarf Car Modified
44x tommy crow
54 nathan deragon
Dns 8x chris niemi

Race results are posted after the race:
Barona Speedway Points:
Barona Speedway Park
Fast Track Enterprises Inc.
Phone (619) 669-1303 e-mail Salz944 @

The track is located 4.8 miles north of the Barona Casino on
Wildcat Canyon Rd. between Lakeside and Ramona, in Southern
California. 1750 Wildcat Canyon Road Lakeside CA 92040


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Barona Speedway Race Results June 7, 2008

Next Race: June 21st
Street Stocks, Factory Stocks, Pony Stocks, IMCA Modifieds, 600 Sprints, Dwarf Cars, Mini Dwarfs

Barona Speedway Race Results June 7, 2008

Mini Dwarf Stock
18 Mitchell Niemi
10aa Audie Andrade
9 Cayden Hastings
65 Jerrett Schlumpberger
20 Sarah Carr
59 Danne Perry III
10x Colton Hastings
53 Bryce Roe
17 steven Dickerson Jr.
88 Cassandra Carr
23 Brian McRae
11 Dawson Cram
Dnf 5 Riley Gordinier
Dnf 98 Shelby Perucci

Mini Dwarfs Modified
54 Nathan Deragon
44x Tommy Crow
96 Cody Perucci
35 Cole Mamer
8x Chris Miemi
82 Tyler Pannel

IMCA Modifieds
22 Rich Rose
88 Keith Smith
01 Robert Pierce
25 Aaron Bolts
2 Kenny Groves
9 Eric Evans
24 Stephen Eaton
72 Kevin Busher
0 Paul Damberger
51 Josh Thompson
9D Andy W. Rogers
7 Tony Ferris
Dnf 23 Tom Eaton Jr.
Dnf 62 Chris Yanez
Dnf 00 Bobby Groves Jr.
Dnf 48 Mark Barlow

Factory Stocks
78 Royce Henry
95 Steve Worstell
47 David Wetzel
99 Eric Evans
80 Chris Wilder
0 Greg Nann
37 Roger Harper
7 Kyle Turner
07 Tom McGinn
3 Gene Neubaum
11 Robby White
40 Mike Rumbaugh
44 Ken Dotts
Dnf 71 Kendall Reagan
Dnf 14 David Kilpela
Dnf 28 Dave Evangelou

Street Stock
11 Dave White
05 Robert Hughes
72 Steve Roche
04 Joseph Altig
2 Pat Bradley
0 Max Dalton
Dnf 18 Steve Dickerson
Dnf 17 Gordon Waugh
Dnf 99 Perry Humphries
Dnf 51 Tom Kelly
Dnf 40 Keith Altig
Dnf 53 Eric Shockey
DQ 29 Dale Erwin

Sportsman Dwarfs
11 Gary Richardson
77 Cole Dick
12 Erick Hughes
7 Phil Confer
99 Darren Brent
2 Corey Driscoll
21 Chris Fritz
55 Donny Nanos
80 Chris DeRagon
Dnf 68 Frank Damron
Dnf 22 Darren Brown
Dns 0 Scott Dunham

Pony Stock
8 Paul Dyke
88 Dave Fox
93 Robert Minnick
00 Scott Opperman
Dnf 18 Shawn Bush
Dnf 33 PJ Dyke
Dnf 86 Chris Vaughn

Pro Dwarfs
14x Kevin Drake
22 Bob Brown Jr.
77 Eddie Morris
25 Kevin Frantum
75 Bruce Elliott
38 Julie Frantum
Dnf 72 Kyle Morris

360/410 Sprints
69 Randy Waitman
8z Jeff Oliver
6 Todd Hunsaker
72 Mathew Shedarowich
55 Tom Grunkemeyer
54 John Butler
Dnf 77s Brian Schuler

Race results are posted after the race:
Barona Speedway Points:
Barona Speedway Park
Fast Track Enterprises Inc.
Phone (619) 669-1303 e-mail Salz944 @

The track is located 4.8 miles north of the Barona Casino on
Wildcat Canyon Rd. between Lakeside and Ramona, in Southern California.

1750 Wildcat Canyon Road
Lakeside CA 92040


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Racers Against Drugs at the SD County Fair

The SD County Fair is coming up quick.

We have a booth there, and
need volunteers to man the booth.

We are there for Racers Against Drugs.

We have a racecar for the display, and a TV/VCR of
races going. Please contact me if you can help.

Here is the schedule:
Date Day of Week Volunteer Tickets Distributed
14-Jun Saturday Calvin Caha & 3
15-Jun Sunday Tess & 3
16-Jun Monday CLOSED
17-Jun Tuesday Larry & Jan
18-Jun Wednesday
19-Jun Thursday
20-Jun Friday
21-Jun Saturday
22-Jun Sunday
23-Jun Monday CLOSED
24-Jun Tuesday Larry & Jan/Young Marines
25-Jun Wednesday
26-Jun Thursday Young Marines
27-Jun Friday
28-Jun Saturday Young Marines
29-Jun Sunday
30-Jun Monday Larry & Jan/Art
1-Jul Tuesday Larry & Jan/Art
2-Jul Wednesday Art B.

/Young Marines
3-Jul Thursday
4-Jul Friday Tess & 3/Don & Loreen
5-Jul Saturday
6-Jul Sunday
My # is 619-249-7763

Thanks! Deb Chapman